Phill StarrWhen I did a piece on Ruthie Henshall’s Norwich gig a while ago, I slipped in a little anecdote about my pipe cleaning days and a drag queen called Dockyard Doris. This sent me on a trip around You Tube to find old footage of the lovely Doris. I discovered a few clips but none worth showing to your nan. While I was digging, I stumbled across some old recordings of Phil Starr. Warm memories came flooding back of simpler days when a real belly laugh was easier to come by. Phil Starr was an old school drag queen comic with impeccable timing and a closet-full of shaggy dog stories, each with a witty twist. Cutting but never cruel, Phil started his career in the Fifties and played to packed pubs right up to his sudden death in 2005 at the age of 73. I saw Phil sprinkle his fairly dust in the East End and Brighton. I laughed so much, it hurt.

I’ve picked out one example for your delectation. It’s rude, just a little bit crude and not at all PC. Change channels now if you’re easily offended.

19 thoughts on “Phil Starr, Drag Star

  1. You – and your readers – may like to hear that Maisie Trollette (David Raven) is doing a show to celebrate turning (whisper it) 80 at Brighton’s Theatre Royal on Sunday (August 18th) at 8 p.m.


    1. Blimey, knew he was old but not that old. I preferred him in the old days when he was in the Trollettes in the 80s. I met them both at a party once. Very nice people. Shame they broke up. These days, of course, troll has a whole new, more sinister meaning.


  2. I used to love watching Phil at the various London venues in the 70’s, along with Shuff and Marc Fleming. Good old days, all live, no miming and if you were watching Marc, don’t get too close!!
    Not much about Marc on the Internet.


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