I really ought to stay in more. Every time I stroll through the streets of Norwich, I trip over yet another big butch simian in glorious Technicolor. There’s a Guy hanging around on every corner. To make matters worse, I recently started to notice smaller window display versions in shops. All in all, there are probably more silverbacks in Norwich than in Rwanda (well, maybe not but you get my drift). So here are a few Gorillas I missed in my earlier post. The last ape in the montage looks enigmatically over at the Out of Africa store opposite which feels kinda appropriate. I was also rather taken with the little guy dragged up for Norwich Pride with a rainbow flag sticking out of the top of his head. So, my friends, give it up for Gay the Gorilla and his mates with their coats of many colours.

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P.S. No more Gorillas, I promise.

23 thoughts on “Gorillas I Missed

      1. I popped up a new post with the photos so you can see if you remember them! Sadly I cant find the Bodrum photos but you can at least see these lovely cows!


  1. Still preferred the elephants; the latest parade of which have been gracing the Harlequin Centre in Watford although I think they are on the move again this weekend.


  2. . . how about an Olinguito a newly discovered mammal from the fast-disappearing forests of Columbia – we’re wiping them out before we know they exist!


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