The Beau Belles

When we decided to jump the good ship Blighty, we enjoyed an extraordinary run of good luck. Our neighbour bought our house and its contents. IKEA-chic (or is that shit?) was clearly to his liking. We hauled over just 17 boxes of our precious personal possessions (aka old crap we couldn’t give away). Our extraordinary run of good luck has continued. Thanks to a select group of Bodrum Belles, we’ve flogged off our house contents all over again. We’ve hauled back to Blighty just 17 boxes plus Liam’s beloved Roland keyboard and our marvellous Samsung flat screen TV (miraculously still working; most of our other electrical goodies have malfunctioned). I love this recycling lark. No need to re-flat-pack the flat pack. So, a massive hand to the Beau Belles of Bodrum.

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18 thoughts on “The Beau Belles

  1. Ha. Your post today reminded me of when my brother and I left Malta. Like yourselves we had previously sold or abandoned many of our things (IKEA again) firstly in the UK, then Germany and now we faced the same dilemma when leaving Malta. We posted ads describing our extensive collection of the Billy and Lack ranges and were contacted by a lovely French couple who bought the lot.
    We got chatting and it turned out they were from just outside Grenoble only some 25km from where we were heading next!!! So apart from taking our old IKEA stock off our hands they also pointed us in the right direction to replace them all from IKEA alternatives in the Grenoble area.
    Consequently we are now devotees of both the Alinéa & Troc chains. The first IKEA with French and Italian style and even lower priced than the Swedish giants, and the second a national antique and used goods network. Although we mainly spend our Euros on old vinyl records as now mp3 is the norm we can finally ditch those wretched CDs. My elderly eyes cannot read the lyrics on inserts barely 4″ square, you can’t be a open gatefold and 12″ inserts as my father likes to say!
    Hope fortune smiles on you both for the next chapter of your adventures and travels.


    1. Perhaps we should start an international forum for swapping the entire contents of our houses as we all move around. Now that would piss off the removal companies!


  2. Well done for selling your stuff, my poor mother in law has a load of our crap stacked up in her small village house. It’s such a big hassle packing it all up isn’t it.xx


    1. Fortunately, for the bits we’re taken home, we paid a little extra to have a couple of vested, sweaty men do all the packing for us. Much cheaper here than in Blighty.


  3. Been a bit out of things for a while (you know how it is when friends are here!) so thought we’d missed your big leaving day for a moment, then. Glad you’ve managed to offload your goodies once again. Not sure anyone would want ours if we needed to head off again. 🙂


  4. Gosh Jack, I do look forward to reading how you settle back in Blighty as you put it. How do you feel about your move? It is now only 3 days away. Turkey at this time of year is especially inviting and the weather over there is just awful. Did you watch the flotilla???? Good luck with everything.


    1. We’re feeling really positive about it. I know the weather is awful but we’re moving back for the right reasons. We saw the flotilla through a haze of alcohol at our leaving bash.


    1. It wasn’t too bad as we sold most of our books on ebay (along with CDs) before we moved to Turkey and made about £3,000. Now we’re back in Blighty, we can build up our library again.


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