NHS Treatment for Repats

Now that I’m officially old and hobbling towards my dotage, I was somewhat relieved to discover that I’ll be entitled to free NHS treatment as soon as we touch down in Blighty. I will just have to pay the standard charges since I won’t be claiming benefits. This has been confirmed by an NHS website. It says:

If you move to the UK, you will not be charged for NHS hospital treatment from the date that you arrive, as long as:

  • you intend to live permanently in the UK, and
  • you’re legally entitled to live here on a permanent basis

This information was further corroborated by the British Consul in Izmir at a recent meet-the-emigreys beano in Altinkum. He said:

The UK NHS authorities had said that a British resident living out of the country for more than six months loses their right to the NHS but that right is instantly re-installed if they return.

So, no pretending I was never away and hoping for the best. Nor will I have to wait six months before re-registering with a GP. Maybe the rules changed when I wasn’t looking. Marvellous.

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Jack the Hobbling Goblin

11 thoughts on “NHS Treatment for Repats

  1. As an ex-NHS-bureaucrat, this has always been my understanding. You just need to show that you intend to live permanently in the UK. Having an address should do the trick. (Hilary)


  2. I have known friends who have gone back to the UK to find they did have to wait six months before being covered anew by the NHS. But let’s hope for your sakes that they actually practise what they preach, then.

    As for rules changing, you’d end up spinning like a top if you kept your eye on that particular ball!


  3. Oh, and by the way – we’re about the same age. You can be “officially old” if you want to but I utterly refuse to be so 😉


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