‘One Billion Rising’ is a global campaign to eradicate violence towards women and girls. Why One Billion Rising? Well, it’s estimated that one third of all women on the planet will experience violence at some point in their lifetime. It’s a staggering, almost incomprehensible statistic that makes the brain hurt. Tomorrow is ‘V’ day (Victory, Valentine and Vagina) and events are being held all over the world. Everyone is invited to shake their booties in a glorious dance fest of global proportions to call a musical halt to the horrifying levels of abuse. Let’s face it, knocking women about (and much, much worse besides) just ain’t clever – never was, never will be.

One Billion Rising

The Norfolk broads are doing their bit with ‘Norwich Rising’ at the Forum at 1pm and the ladies of Turkey are getting in on the act in Fethiye, Göcek, Izmir, Izmit, Istanbul and our old stomping ground, Bodrum. So to my Bodrum Belles, Gümbet Gals and Bitez Babes, get your backsides down to the harbour for a bit of bump and grind. Gather from midday for the dress rehearsal and wear something pretty in pink. We want to see those tushes twirling in perfect harmony by the 1pm kickoff. I have my spies.

15 thoughts on “One Billion Rising

  1. Thanks for this post Jack. The support for this campaign is absolutely amazing. The statistics are horrifying, but I wonder if they include stuff we don’t hear about.


  2. Unfortunately won’t be able to make it to the Fethiye (my local town) one because I got plastered today from my toes to my knee!! I will be with them all in spirit though having suffered at the hands of my first (late) husband.


  3. This is such a huge issue in Jamaica and so ingrained into society that it is hard to say how much more widespread it is. I suspect that what we see/hear about is the tip of the iceberg, although icebergs are rare in the tropics. Seriously though, I think it is a great initiative and I believe some Kingston ladies will be doing something tomorrow! (And I had a similar experience with MY first husband too, Emmy. It was devastating).


    1. It’s a huge issue everywhere – something that crosses culture, religion, race and class. Good luck to the Kingston ladies. They may make a difference, no matter how small. Damn these first husbands!


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