Norwich Rising

Grey East Anglian skies didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the fair ladies of Norwich as they strutted their stuff in support of their sisters around the world on the receiving end of violence and abuse. I couldn’t take my eyes (or my camera) off the older Norfolk broad with grey hair and a mean mauve streak who shook her tush with unbridled abandon. Way to go girl!

This is a small reminder of why they were dancing.

14 thoughts on “Norwich Rising

  1. . . good on the lot of them, world-wide! Been seeing pictures from all over Turkey so I guess there are a few sheepish blokes this evening – bloody hope so!


      1. We knew that there were some women coming over from Bury St Edmunds, from a message posted on FB. I was on the desk where we were inviting people to write messages about why they were rising and/or what they were going to do to stop violence against women and girls and she and her two friends signed their statement ‘Multicultural Women’s Group: Bury St Edmunds’. They had a great time, and your video is brilliant. Thanks for that.


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