Ten Reasons to Ban Gay Marriage

The airwaves are full of noise about the Government’s proposals to permit same-sex marriage here in old Blighty. Whereas the original intention was to legalise civil marriage only, the Cameroons are now speaking as one voice about allowing those religious institutions that wish to conduct religious ceremonies to do so. I suspected this would happen. The original proposal was discriminatory and could easily have been challenged in the courts. Religious marriage is not for us, but for those that want it, fair enough. A church wedding can be a high-camp affair. Think period costumes, flying buttresses, dreaming spires, gold finery and swaying incense, the full production number. Come to think of it, the promise of a gay gig at the Abbey might well swing it for me.

It’s been made crystal clear that no priest, imam or rabbi will be legally obliged to do anything against their beliefs. Nevertheless, some of the dusty old men in frocks and dodgy hats are spitting fire and brimstone from the pulpits (mostly to an empty crowd) and a cabal of reactionary old Tories is talking about the end of civilisation as we know it. Now, civilisation as we know it is threatened by all sorts of things (environmental meltdown, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, a chronically unstable Middle East, etcetera, etcetera) but giving people the right to get hitched to the person they love isn’t one of them. The ever-sensible Canucks introduced same-sex marriage in 2005 and last time I checked, the lights were still on in Canada. Just ignore the silly nonsense and get on with it, I say. Then perhaps, the Government can turn its full attention to things that really matter to everyone – jobs, education, health, proper help for those who need it and sorting out the dismal state of the British economy.

On a  lighter note, the splendid Bitten by Spain sent me this satirical piece. It appeals to my sense of low wit and sarcasm. It has a Yankee bent but a universal message.

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10 thoughts on “Ten Reasons to Ban Gay Marriage

  1. This is really funny! I love the one about Britney Spears’ 55-hour marriage! This post made me laugh – but seriously, with all the huge issues in the world, it seems nonsensical to get your knickers in a twist over this (if the men in frocks wear knickers)… Oh, where am I going with all this!


  2. . . the times may be changin’, Jack, and evolution may be evolving but there is a persistent regressive gene that almost makes me believe GM!


  3. Brilliant commentary that has me LOLing as usual with your wondrous way with words. It must be good to see this dialogue going on – even with the old sods being arses about it. OK, not a very good attempt at Jack-talk from this Yankee lass.


    1. The entire debate has been fascinating to watch with a few old gits from the sticks revealing their true colours and most people asking what century are their from.


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