Same Sex Marriage in the UK

Scratch the surface and stupidity lies beneath. The lunatics have taken over the asylum at the Turkish Living Forum. What is the subject that’s got the bigots crawling from underneath their stones? Why gay marriage of course. All this tedious religious claptrap from tossers who take their bible like they take their software – jump to the bottom and tick the ‘I accept’ box. They are in good company – kiddie fiddling priests, the British National Party and religious fundamentalists who talk in tongues and still murder witches. Where are the forum moderators? Running for cover and hiding behind some corrupt notion of free speech.

Personally, I have no wish to get married in church. Unlike the hettie hypocrites who keep the chapel tills ringing with their white weddings and solemn vows that only half will keep, I won’t pretend to be religious. No priest is going to make a phoney out of me. Liam and I have a Civil Partnership. That’ll do us for now. However, I would never deny the right of others to marry whoever they choose. It’s an equalities thing.

Let’s keep a sense of proportion. The proposed law in Blighty will simply give those religious organisations (the Quakers, primarily) that want to perform a marriage ceremony for same sex couples the freedom to do so. So really, what is all the fuss about? The bigots are fighting a losing battle. Don’t want to treat me as equal? Then don’t take my taxes. The days of second-class citizenship are over. Almost.

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33 thoughts on “Same Sex Marriage in the UK

  1. And I, Jack, am in a heterosexual civil partnership for all the same reasons. Not because I don’t have my own form of God, but because I don’t believe in religion, I don’t believe in man and I don’t believe in religion-spouting man!


  2. Great post Jack,

    It still puzzles me that the church gets its cassocks in a twist when a couple of the same sex want to express their love for one another, when so many heterosexual couples can just jump on and off the marriage merry go round without so much as an eyebrow being raised at the disregard for Sanctity of marriage. I personally would have no need to have the love I feel for my partner blessed in the eyes of god, but for all those LGBT Christians out there who desire such a blessing, I will stand up and fight for their right to do so.


    1. I think it’s because they think they ‘own’ the concept of marriage when, of course, in reality they appropriated it. Organised religion is mostly about power and control and not little about faith and belief. Jesus would be turning in his grave.


  3. I don’t quite understand that lot on Turkish Living.They are ex pats ergo they have chosen to leave the UK to live in Turkey’s sunny climes.What do they care what happens in the land they abandoned?I left it years ago and quite frankly couldn’t give a toss if vicars start marrying dogs-not the vicars themselves but dog to dog you understand(must have some standards here!).People have a right to live as they want with whom they want,it doesn’t cause physical injury to anyone else or affect anyone else.Someones life choices are NOONE ELSE’S BUSINESS!If this anonymous keyboard bashing moral majority are so concerned then they should all sod off back to the UK and do something about it!


  4. Oooh Jack,sorry for the rant but really these types really P me off big time because you know full well that 99% of what they post up they would never be brave enough to say to anyones face.Pillocks the lot of them,I hope all their sons turn out to be gay and all their daughters become plumbers 🙂
    Ah,time for a coffee I think……and maybe another chill pill…..


  5. You would think they wouldn’t be able to think on their own without their daily copy of the Mail!! Oops – I forgot they came to live in Turkey but still buy their daily newspaper from home. Wouldn’t want to know what was happening in their adopted homeland would they????


  6. Does the Mail report the news of what is happening in the UK or does the Mail cater to a very small minority of bigots and does not reflect the majority view in the UK? The problem with the people Jack is talking about is that they only moved physically from the UK not emotionally or intellectually. They are still the NIMBYs they have always been except they do not have a back yard! So that also makes their opinions even less meaningless than they were before.


    1. I’ve always thought that newspapers do a bit of both. They check the temperature then stoke up the crowd. The Mail is superb at this – pandering to people’s natural aversion to change and exploiting it. Newspapers aren’t required to be impartial like broadcasters. I agree entirely with you about the expats here. This is explored in my book – the emigreys who hate the country they’ve come from and hate country they’ve come to. Sad. really.


  7. I think I’ve said before elsewhere on your blog that I stay well away from the forums. Anywhere group mentality is allowed to kick in and that’s it! Like scene from Lord of the Flies. My thoughts are the same as Annie’s above AND also, when did we lose our common sense on what constitutes free speech? (I’ve not read the thread so I won’t chunter too much about it. 😉 )


    1. Like you I rarely visit the forums these days (sounds like a shopping trip to a Roman market doesn’t it?). This discussion caught Liam’s eye and I got immersed as the debate unfolded and just got worse. I didn’t comment. I wonder what planet many of these people are living on. On planet Blighty, 71% of Telegraph readers (yes, the Torygraph) support marriage equality.


  8. I (Ashley) rarely go near TLF. I started reading that thread, got angry fast, had to sit on fingers for a bit.

    As I think you have said before, politics somewhere to the right of Genghis and a belief that everything in the Daily Mail is true. This along with assorted forms of bigotry and homophobia seems to sum up too many in certain places.


  9. “All this tedious religious claptrap from idiots who take their bible like they take their software – jump to the bottom and tick the ‘I accept’ box.”

    Amazing! 😀 That pretty much sums it up all right!


  10. TLF = nutso people. I had a terrible and short-lived moment on there. Gave it up for better uses of my time – although at least we see true colors.

    As for your points, I’ll go with the vernacular ghetto term for support which is, oddly enough, preach it!


  11. I’ve seen so many unhappy marriages entered into by people who were forced into it by their parents and in-laws. Either ‘shotgun weddings’ or weddings entered into to conform for reasons of career or their cultural norms. So I’d prefer to stay single thank you!
    As for ‘that’ forum well….what do you expect from them honestly?
    It is strange how people slag off their homeland then slag off the place they’ve emigrated to! It seems 99% in that forum are wrinklies with too much time on their hands. Sick of counting their shekels, after a few too many beers they turn to online mischief making. Sad really.
    Only good thing they did was to signpost me to your excellent blog:)


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