Home Office Consultation on Marriage Equality

I’ve just responded to the British Home Office consultation on same sex marriage. As I understand it, the original proposal was to make us all equal under the Law by allowing same sex secular marriage (replacing and/or supplementing civil partnerships) and to enable those religious organisations that wished to conduct a religious ceremony for same sex couples to do so. The Quakers really wanted their oats on this one: our Friends were at the forefront of agitating for reform. They will be disappointed; a collective ‘tut, tut’ will echo around the polite meeting houses of Blighty. Why? Because the proposed statute will introduce civil marriage equality but will also enshrine in law the notion that religious marriage is between a man and a woman only. Presumably, this typically British fudge is a concession to the meddlesome priests who think they have the divine right to call the shots. This is absurd. Where’s Henry the Eighth when you need him? Either there is marriage equality or there isn’t. A religious ceremony isn’t right for me but to deny it to the religious isn’t right either.

If there is to be a two-tier marriage system can we also have a two-tier tax system where I pay less for fewer rights? A kind of citizen-rights lite.

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13 thoughts on “Home Office Consultation on Marriage Equality

  1. Jack: You have done it again! You have become my favorite author so far.
    You amaze me! I am forwarding this to my brother in Vermont who is also in a Gay relationship and our British-Baptist sisters and brothers are elated!


  2. What a bunch of bullcrap. When will the conservative right understand that they don’t have the monopoly on love? I read something on the net the other day: “If you don’t want gay marriage, then don’t get gay married.”

    Pretty cheeky:)

    As a Canadian I don’t like to boast (kidding), but I’m so glad I live in a country that has legislation supporting gay marriage. Hopefully Britain will get in step.


  3. Hmm, so going back on what they originally stated. There’s a surprise. I can’t believe Britain still listens to the voices of the priest brigade. Why are they still so powerful?


  4. Thankfully, the Scottish Government’s consultation (which ran last autumn) included the issue of religious ceremonies and a statement as to what will happen is expected sometime this spring. I attended a forum on the consultation at the Parliament in February and it was made very clear that Scotland will not follow the E+W move to restrict same sex marriages to civil entities. My partner and I are people of faith and whilst I know that my (very supportive) Catholic pastor can’t witness our marriage my partner’s Spiritualist minister will be very happy to welcome us. I hope that Scotland’s parliament will lead the way on this matter as it did when it abolished the hateful section 28.


  5. What annoys me the most is how the right wing crowd use religion to stop equality by quoting crap about it is a religious union. Bull. People were “married” both same sex and hetero for bloody 1000s of years across the globe long before these bloody newbie desert mono-God religions sprouted up. Like most things they take it for their own and rename it to ensure people follow their claptrap. Christmas my arse, it was YULE long before they came along. If they don’t like what they see or hear then they should mind their own bloody business as by and large it doesn’t harm them what the rest of the world get up to, and when it does it is something to do with arguments between these damn faiths anyway.


  6. I have always found the Quakers most enlightened. But I don’t find your post very heartening. Meddlesome is the word. You can’t legislate love.


  7. For me this issue is a bit like the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’. Those in high places, who want to hold on to the old prejudices, will find the hate they spout about Homosexuality will lose its power if the world sees that there is little to make a such a fuss about two men or two women wanting to stand in the eyes of God and say they love each other.


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