The Only Virgin in London

My father died when he was 50. My mother has been single ever since. In fact, she’s been a widow for much longer than she was a wife. She calls herself ‘the only virgin in London’. She says this without the slightest hint of bitterness or irony. My mother is now 83 and still runs for buses. She’s been to Bodrum just the once, for my surprise 50th birthday party. She loved it and spent her time chain smoking and solving puzzles. ‘Keeps my brain active,’ she says. She has five children, eleven grandchildren and three great grandchildren. She loves us all even when we’re not that loveable. Liam calls his mother-in-law ‘One hell of a woman.’ You can say that again.

Happy Mother’s Day to the only virgin in London.

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26 thoughts on “The Only Virgin in London

  1. What lovely photo’s!! mothers day is bitter sweet for me. I lost my mum 12 years ago and I miss her dearly. i think of her every day. She was atypical 60’s teenager and saw all the best bands of her time. She claims not to have screamed when she saw the Beatles but i was never convinced!!! I imagine she is proud as punch of you!!!!!!


  2. She sounds (and looks) just wonderful… the perfect Mom. “She loves us all when we’re not that lovable” is an important comment. My Ma was just like that – but passed away just when we were planning her 80th birthday party. I love the picture of her in the golden wig – and the one of her standing in the doorway. You must love her like crazy! As she clearly loves you both…


      1. I have wonderful pictures (and memories) of my mother, too. And today’s Mother’s Day in the UK, right (just got a Facebook post from my son in London!) But not in Jamaica – we celebrate it sometime in May, as does the U.S. But what does a day matter. The main thing is, mothers are incredible beings without whom, obviously, our whole existence would be in tatters. My mother’s birthday is the day before mine – March 23, two Arians together! – so I will be thinking of her in the next few days, more than ever. I too wish she had been with us for longer.


  3. Dearest Jack:

    You are by far the greatest writer since Hemingway. I adore waking up to your posts. I want so much to sell my book as you have sold yours. Any tips from the master? Such a glowing tribute to your Mom.


    Penelope Van Buskirk


  4. . . here’s hoping that your mum and you have many more of these to celebrate (and that signing up for a account will let me comment)


    1. Thanks Alan. The powers that be at WP have updated their comments functionality. Gawd knows why but their forums are full of unhappy punters so I suspect it won’t last long.


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