Someone Like You

Kym Ciftci is a Didim doll and a complete force of nature. Kym isn’t just a looker, she’s a talented looker. She has a gift for the song and for the word. Kym’s also got a soulful, silky voice and a heart as big as the Temple of Apollo. All this is coming together for one night only on the 5th of April in a brand new musical play called ‘Someone Like You’ which Kym has both written and directed. All proceeds will go to a local children’s charity. If Liam doesn’t receive the call from Blighty, we will be there to show our support. Be there or be square. It’s a weepy so make sure you bring a Kleenex.

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5 thoughts on “Someone Like You

  1. nope! have to log in to .com and then I can comment. Ho-hum!
    As for Kym, be great to be able to bathe in her reflected glory 😀


  2. What a shame I will miss you, I come to Bodrum periodically where my partner lives and I was look out for you next time I come, but you will have gone by then.

    All the best in Norwich – I hear the weather’s lovely there!



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