Bodrum Life

Bodrum’s radical urban overhaul is almost complete save for a few rough edges that will be completed next year (or sometime never). I took afternoon liquid refreshments at Bodrum’s organic deli, a great place from where to people watch. Their natural fare is even more delicious during happy hour when a glass of white costs only 4 lira a shot. The tubby waiter with precision hairdo, George Clooney eyes and Russell Crowe features serviced me silently with charm and grace.

I watched Bodrum life pass by in all its ambling majesty. The strolling likely lads with their grand gelled tresses and baffling stares promenaded along the promenade, stopping to check their reflections in the porthole mirrors of Helva Bar. I watched the Helva bar boys wash down the floors in anticipation of a profitable night’s innings from the urban elite and the Ukrainian prostitutes who silently ply their trade among them. A rainbow of cars cruised by from Nissan tanks to clapped-out Fiats. Happy-clappy kids played hide and seek in the play school playground opposite. Sunny Cabaret was provided by Bodrum’s resident drunk (I thought that was me), who frothed at the mouth, toyed with the traffic, harangued unsuspecting tourists and talked to the street animals like a modern day Dr Doolittle. I staggered home to the tune of the Hi-De-Hi public address system and another power cut in the full knowledge that our Turkish expedition would soon come to an end. To quote Old Blue Eyes, “Regrets, I have a few.”

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14 thoughts on “Bodrum Life

  1. Hit the road Jack and dont you look back no more no more ,hit the road Jack and dont you look back no more x


  2. Aaah… Very nostalgic. You really conjured up the street scene and assorted local characters so well. It’s difficult when you know you are leaving – I am sure you will enjoy these memories (now you have noted them down, especially) in years to come. Make the most of your last weeks in Turkey (or months, is it?)


  3. . . soon you’ll be sitting outside the deli in Norwich, sipping a glass of organic and waiting to be mugged by the gangs of drunken, semi-naked chicks – you’ll soon forget boring old Bodrum!


  4. Not sure if you know about the other new chicks on the block in Norwich Cathedral – This week has been buzzing with the arrival of 3 hatched peregrine falcons ( one to go ). A nesting platform with webcam has been set up and they may be swooping on you and your wine in the not so distant future while taking their first flying lessons .


    1. Is there a link to the webcam? I am a bit of a bird fanatic and have been (virtually) watching the nest of a red-tailed hawk in South Carolina for the past week or two… That is so great!


      1. I just looked at the webcam and saw a very large hatchling who looked as if he/she was waiting for Mom to bring back a tasty morsel… Lovely! Thanks.


  5. Wow! I am totally jelouas!!! These are two places I have not yet been but they are on my bucket list. I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip and seeing lots of photos.


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