Bedlam in Bodrum Revisited

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While Bodrum collectively nursed its New Year hangover, the mechanical diggers moved in and started excavating the half of the promenade that wasn’t ripped apart last winter. These CATs don’t purr. Thankfully, we live far enough away from the main drag and didn’t have to endure the deafening rat-a-tat-tat competing with the deafening rat-a-tat-tat in our heads. Others were not so fortunate. Lessons have been learned from last year’s scramble to complete the makeover in time for the Spring rush. Not a minute has been wasted. Entire shop and restaurant frontages have been torn down leaving doorways hanging in the air. It’s not a case of mind the step, more grab the rope. Following the torrential rain of the last few days, the wide strip where the pavement used to be now resembles a bog which can only be crossed by impromptu paths of broken slabs set down by proprietors desperate to keep their doors open. Wheelchairs not welcome. Take a look at the before, during and after snaps.

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11 thoughts on “Bedlam in Bodrum Revisited

  1. The same thing happened in Fethiye last September, all the shops tried to carry on with business but strange having to balance on boards to get in.


  2. It’ll look nice when it’s finished ……then they’ll go and do it all again next year! …….. spotted M&S ;o) …. hmmmmmm Note to self: Must sort out my knicker draw!


  3. . . history teaches that the ‘Diggers’ were defeated at Gallipoli – not true, they’ve invaded and are taking over the whole, bloody country!


  4. Don’t mess about once they get going do they?! 🙂 Winter 2012 for Fethiye is the ripping up of one of the town centre parks and adjoining car park. It’s being replaced with a town square and apparent clock tower. Interesting. Enjoy your Bodrum diggers while we enjoy ours.


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