Mete’s World

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We know a young Turkish man called Mete. He’s at university studying hard to make something of himself. He’s also gay. He’s not riddled with guilt. He’s resolutely out and comfortable in his own skin. He’s one of the new breed of young modern Turks demanding to live and breathe free. It won’t be easy.

People ask me why I don’t write more of the plight of LGBT people in my foster land on my blog and why my book isn’t about the struggle for sexual equality. Actually, I have touched on this in both, but neither the blog nor the book is intended to be a political or social polemic. Maybe my next project will be more radical. People who know me know I have a lot to say. It saddens me that if I do, I will have to do it from a safe distance.

I greatly admire Mete. He reminds me of a young Jack. Blighty the Seventies wasn’t so different from Turkey in 2012. Be brave Mete and stay safe.

Take a look at Mete’s World.

And check out the book.

10 thoughts on “Mete’s World

  1. I am really flattered Jack. What should I say? I should admit that you are one of my inspirations. Thank you so much!
    Mete x


  2. No it certainly won’t be easy for Mete, but someone has to stand up and be counted. The attitude here is based on ignorance. I should know..I’ve had to work hard on changing my Turkish husband’s attitude. We who have chosen to live here have a responsibility to encourage people to understand. If we can achieve that with just one’s a start.


    1. It will be difficult but it is a start. It’s easier for us to live here openly as we’re foreigners and there are no societal or family pressures to contain. Mete is a strong young man. I have a feeling he’ll make it.


  3. By the way, the Jamaican I wrote about who is a leading LGBT activist in Jamaica (an extremely dangerous pursuit) Maurice Tomlinson – who won the first David Kato Award – had to flee the country last week because a newspaper reported that he had got married (last year) in Canada. He had so many death threats and was so afraid he had to get a police escort to the airport… That’s how serious it is here.


    1. I remember the post. I thought it a small step in the right direction but now this. What is wrong with some people? What are they frightened of? Poor man. Where has he gone?


  4. Hi Jack,
    Humour is a powerful equaliser which breaks down barriers and changes attitudes without all the hard shit in-between. By giving people an insight into your life, you are fostering appreciation and understanding. Humour is a hoodwinking educator. Radical ranters send people eye-rolling in the opposite direction. Having said that, I’d buy a ticket to a Jack rant.


  5. I’ll raise a glass to the post and to the comments above – ‘Here’s to a new Age of Enlightenment’ (although there’s no signs of pregnancy yet)


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