Unfinished Business

This year, direct Sleazyjet flights to Milas-Bodrum airport start on 26th March. Low gear hassling, a fresh lick of whitewash, flourishing floral fauna and ruins un-ruined by a savage sun makes springtime in the Aegean a Turkish delight. Braving a last minute tantrum by grumpy old Mother Nature, savvy travellers might be tempted to try out Bodrum just as the town emerges from the short, sharp winter. Come by all means but, this year, give Bodrum itself a wide berth and go exploring elsewhere. This year’s spring clean is more of a root and branch demolition. Some bits I thought were completed last year have been dug up again. Why? Who knows. Will Turkey ever be finished? Probably not.

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20 thoughts on “Unfinished Business

  1. The build work around here (Goeck) is in total frenzy mode, as I type I hear cement mixers, next it will be the power tools how they will finish for the season is beyond me but they seem very confident. Whatever is happening in the rest of the world we seem to have been left out of the slump I feel a little peeved about it, was looking forward to a quiet spring.


  2. I bet the builders by you are a far superior bunch from an eye candy point of view than the ones by me at the moment….. :-p


  3. . . all about GDP – doesn’t matter if it’s actually ‘making’ anything, just moving money around increases GDP (by osmisis?) and that’s why Turkey is the darling of the bubble money boys.


  4. ‘Will Turkey ever be finished?’ That’s just made me chuckle. Our dolmuş is currently being rerouted around a rather large detour due to a section of last year’s new road being dug up again. We have the constant sound of angle grinders and drills going on at the moment too as the hotels decide to have a spruce up by semi-demolishing and rebuilding. A simple lick of paint never suffices. 🙂


  5. Dear Jack:

    Sounds like the town should be named “Bedlam”. What a brave man you and your partner are to experience so much everyday. I’ve discovered that a day without Jack is akin to wanting to go back to sleep.

    Penelope Van Buskirk


  6. First spring in Blighty for years and I cant smile wide enough – Reading a book in the sun when a chainsaw gang arrived ,the woodland trees had their haircut and cleaned up, job done well and peace resumed .The paths and roads that looked perfect to me as they were and would certainly win a gold medal by Turk standards have all been re -slabbed and tarmacked and when a neighbour ‘ whinged ‘ my smile grew wider ,some people are never happy I guess .Finally took a friend for a colonoscopy with the NHS ,the hospital and staff excellent and the results positive .We may have a ‘bit of ‘ a deficit but its good to be home .


  7. Yes, your phrase ‘Will Turkey ever be finished?’ also struck a chord with me. It just goes on and on. 2 steps forward, 1 step back. And I don’t just mean in terms of building and renovation. I mean in everything. In the end, it makes you tired.


  8. Just LOLing around at the GDP comments…money moving indeed, totally does not account for inequality – but do notice that the trend that is keeping you in for dinner re: construction is a theme across Turkey blogs these days (Archers, Pul Biber) re: lots of construction going on. Somebody is getting the cash money rolling.


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