Getting the Abbey Habit

West End super-hit Sister Act (developed from the Whoopi Goldberg movie) is on nationwide pilgrimage and arrived at the Theatre Royal, Norwich, in April. To celebrate this holy occasion, the theatre attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the most number of people dragged up as nuns in one place. Graham James, Bishop of Norwich, was ordained to judge the endeavour. The good Bishop was escorted by Jan McFarlane, Archdeacon of Norwich, who was dressed to impress in her big black dress. The Venerable Archdeacon said,

“It was frighteningly easy to find a habit. I thought about borrowing a real one but decided to get my own. I may have missed my true calling.”

Alas, the challenge fell rather short of the 251 needed to break the record. Liam was distraught at getting none of the nun fun. He was relishing the thought of running up a couple of habits on the old Singer.

Check out the video

16 thoughts on “Getting the Abbey Habit

  1. 251 dragged up nuns, not impressed, I am sure there was at least this amount at the first sing-a-long to Sound of Music I attended, as well as a fair number of nazis, people dressed in ledherhosen , people dress as deer (doh a deer, yes I know it’s lame) and some people dressed in matching outfits made from the dining room curtains. it was all a bit too much for 10 o clock on a rainy Saturday morning in Glasgow. …Can’t wait for Sister Act to come to Scotland


  2. What a pity. It would have been one way you could have gone down in history. After all, we each have to leave something behind as a testament to our existence. Why not as dragged-up nuns? It’s a hard habit to break.

    *shakes head in abject shame*
    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.
    I’m all done with nun puns for now


      1. Even though they didn’t reach the record, I still would have liked to witness the habitually-robed persons who nun the less, gave it a go.

        No, really. I have to stop this.

        Funny, yes. The visual is delightful. I was just about to shut down my computer for the night (Texas, USA). Now I’ll undoubtedly be dreaming of burly dudes in full nun attire, perhaps even standing shoulder to shoulder with Whoopi, swaying to the music. And to think, I was planning on dreaming about puppies. Or kittens. Now we’ll have nun of that … my sleepy fuzzy brain will see nothing but men of the cloth, all draped in black. Happy in their habits. Appreciate the visual. Off to bed now.


  3. One of my holiday clients once told me that he was surprised at the large number of nuns on the Bodrum peninsula. After 20 years, I ‘m still wondering what he was on.


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