Perking the Pansies Book Giveaway

I’m plugging the book again. Hey, a boy’s gotta do what a boy’s gotta do. This time there’s something in it for you, though.

There are two chances to win a copy of Perking the Pansies. Firstly, I’ve offered Goodreads a couple of paperback books to give away to two lucky winners. The competition is open to any Goodreads member in the United Kingdom (sorry, but international postage from the Blighty is crippling). Simply provide your name and address by the end of the month (May) to be entered into the prize draw. Easy. Not a member of Goodreads? Why not join? It’s a great book lover’s site and it’s free.

Secondly, the wonderful Kay at British Expats has given the book a fab review. As a reward, I’m offering a free copy of the book for Kindle. All you need do is comment on the review and say why you’d like the book. Keep it clean, folks. The competition ends on the 7th June.

I know it’s not exactly the Lotto but it is something for nothing and the chance of winning is much better. You can always sell the paperback on Ebay when you’re done. And what do I ask in return? Well, nothing, of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be free. But, if you fancy adding a review to Goodreads or Amazon out the goodness of your heart, that would be nice. No pressure.

Click on the images below to find out more and enter. Good luck!

6 thoughts on “Perking the Pansies Book Giveaway

  1. Of course I am not in the UK, but I joined Goodreads recently and enjoy it very much. If you are a reader, or just want to find out about some good books and share them with others, it’s really nice. I have just ordered your book from Amazon (about time, isn’t it!!!) and will definitely post a review on both.


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