A Bloggers’ Convention

Sarah from Was Constantinople recently attended a unique bloggers’ coffee shop convention in Istanbul featuring some of the most talented writers in the Turkey and travel blogosphere. The blogging stars were in perfect alignment for one day only. You can check out the illustrious list on Sarah’s commemorative post. Not to be outdone by our big city co-bloggers, we had our very own smaller but perfectly formed beano down here in old Bodrum Town. I spent a gossipy sunny few hours chewing the cud over a beer or two with the wonderful folk behind Pul Biber and Back to Bodrum.

What is the collective noun for bloggers, I wonder?  A gaggle of bloggers? A blagger of bloggers? A jobbing of bloggers? My personal favourite is a gobble of bloggers purely because it sounds a little naughty. I guess this could only apply to Turkey-baste blogs (pun intended). Answers on a postcard or leave a comment.

23 thoughts on “A Bloggers’ Convention

  1. A blather of bloggers. A blah of bloggers (because some of us go “blah, blah, blah”). But when we get together, what do we do as a group? Hm… Further consultation needed…


  2. A Bluster of Bloggers by Roving Jay

    A Bluster of Bloggers just blew into town
    Riding blank white pages, with corners turned down
    Spilling words on the floor amid sawdust and spit
    Articulating sentences full of merriment and whit
    It’s completely impossible for a paragraph to stay
    Cuz – 2 sheets to the wind, they all blow away
    The Bluster of Bloggers just blew into town
    Oh how they wish – they’d written it all down!


      1. … maybe I need to write a chorus and then Liam can write me the melody and we can become a YouTube sensation… Bodrum’s Got Talent anyone?


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