Watching Mother Nature drench our windows brings memories of mad Turkish weather flooding back. People who haven’t experienced it first-hand simply don’t believe me when I say our Aegean winters were a real challenge. It’s the Med, right? How bad can it be? How about a split personality of hurricane rain, typhoon winds and cyclone floods followed in quick succession by crisp bright mornings and balmy afternoons of warm dazzling sun? Whatever the drama going on outside, inside was constantly cold and draughty. Despite our valiant efforts, we never quite managed to get the heating right and, in the depths of winter, most evenings were spent under a duvet. We dressed in fleecy layers and praised the Lord for the cosy Marks and Sparks slippers insulating our tootsies from Jack Frost snapping at our heels. Actually, I had never owned a pair of slippers before our move to Turkey and it came as some relief to find two small M&S outlets in Bodrum.

For the uninitiated, Marks and Spencer is:

A clothes and food retailer, the cornerstone of the high street and as British as the Queen, except Her Maj is German and most M&S products are imported.

As described in Turkey Street’s Turkipendix Two: A Word or Two in British.

Naturally, there’s an M&S here in Norwich, a large one too. It’s quite a draw for the county’s well-heeled grey herd in their waxed jackets and Jaeger. The store features a fancy vertical garden which, as you can see, takes some effort to prune.  As for the old M&S slippers? I finally threw them out last year. Replacements not required.

M&S Norwich Vertical Garden

13 thoughts on “An M&S Winter

  1. you should be here now – you’d waders over the top of your M&S slippers! Speaking of M&S and the grey ones (as you did) – I’m betting you two look pretty snazzy in your matching grey zip-up jackets.


  2. That’s a posh-looking M&S. Must admit to loving our annual jaunt to Antalya (upcoming) so we can nip to M&S and restock the underwear and socks drawers. 😉 As for winter here, had a cracking storm yesterday that’s left the mountains covered in snow – and we’re both sat in slippers. 😀


    1. It is quite posh. A bit too posh for us. As is the John Lewis. I love the snowy mountains of Anatolia. A stunning backdrop to fun and frolics in furry footwear (I’ve gone a bit mad with the alliteration!).


  3. Experiencing my first of those winters. Bought my first pair of slipper in 30 years, and have more thermals that an Everest Sherpa … as soon as the sun dims .. there’s nothing else for it, than to dive under the covers to stave off the cold.


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