We awoke to the sad news of the death of David Bowie from cancer. Bowie had a profound effect on me during my fumbling years. His pioneering music, his constant reinvention and, above all, his sexual ambiguity taught me that to be different was ok. It was a lesson I learned well.

Bowie released his latest album, Blackstar, on his 69th Birthday, just a few days ago. It was reviewed in the Independent Daily Briefing by Andy Gill who wrote:

It may be significant that this is the first Bowie album that features no trace of his face on the sleeve, with even his name abstracted to a series of graphic fragments; it’s almost as if he’s retiring from public view, deliberately turning away from his own past.

Prophetic words indeed.

9 thoughts on “David Bowie, Starman

  1. We’ve all lost a part of our youth – I can’t imagine there are many 40/50/60 year olds who don’t have a Bowie sound track in their heads when looking back on their younger exploits.


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