Pan’s People

Norwich is blessed with an embarrassment of busking richness from the totally bonkers (the senior citizen who makes Rod Hull and Emu look positively benign) to the truly mesmerising (the fit young man who gracefully rolls a crystal ball around his nubile body as if it were floating in thin air). The city elders encourage it and street performers need only obtain a free licence and promise not to obstruct the Queen’s highway. Come rain or shine, the catholic mix is a colourful sight most weekday lunchtimes and weekend afternoons but none are more colourful than the Peruvian pan pipers dressed in their vivid threads and feathered finery. I don’t know if their livery is authentic or a Disney pastiche but they certainly brighten up a dull day.

Pan Pipers

18 thoughts on “Pan’s People

  1. I love the street entertainers!
    My only reservation is the invasion of the P.A. Systems that blast the performance out so loud that you can hear it from Marks & Spencer’s right down to Jarrold’s at the cost of the other performers.
    It’s supposed to be busking, not a rock concert.


  2. Yeah, buskers should definitely not have sound systems. Love a good busker but not when they’re blasting the whole street away! 🙂 We have a lot of ‘Pans People’ in Turkey at the moment. We were a bit upset to see one group in Istanbul without their pan pipes. What’s that all about?!
    Love the new look blog by the way. 🙂


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