April Fools

My brother is in Majorca sitting on a sunny hotel balcony sipping cool white wine wearing shorts and a tee shirt. We’re huddled in front of an electric fire in slippers and zippy tops. Last month’s electric bill was 480 lira (£180). Yes that’s right. Four hundred and eighty. We don’t expect this month’s bill to be much lower. We thought grumpy Mother Nature had flicked on the spring switch a couple of weeks ago. It seems the perfidious old bag has switched it off again. Still, the flowers are nice.

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15 thoughts on “April Fools

  1. After no winter whatsoever in our neck of the woods, and lots of warm, unusual weather, we have been plunged into the land of the chilly feet and high gas bills, so we feel your pain. How bout you head for the Hamam!!


  2. I do hope you’re not expecting the utility bills to be any less frightening back in Blighty – our winter gas bill had me phoning the people to explain that we don’t have an iron smelting foundry in the back garden! The lady asked me for a revised meter reading which I duly supplied, and the newly calculated bill was twice the size of the original!!


  3. I can’t believe this weather. I have removed and replaced the electric blanket several times over the past couple of weeks, unpacked and repacked summer clothes. Dark rain clouds are covering the sky this morning…let’s hope it changes soon.


  4. Yikes…that’s a lot of TL! We’ve had our heat turned off for the last 2 weeks in Istanbul. I swear we often get enough residual heat from our hallway and our Turkish neighbors that we don’t have to turn on our heaters very high. =)


  5. The fickleness of life…and Mother Nature, eh. We have really high electricity rates here – there is a Facebook page campaigning against it – ours is mainly eaten up by trying to keep cool, year round! But AC at home is a luxury we can’t afford. Never mind… I am sure spring will arrive properly, soon!


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