Britain’s Got Loads of Talent

We caught the opening episode of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent on catch-up TV. A genuine attempt to discover the best (and worst) amateur talent that Blighty has to offer, or a cynical commercial exercise in crass oversentimentality? Probably both and so what? It was brilliant. From the weird to the truly wonderful, the eccentric to the frankly insane, we lapped up every last drop.

First to have us on the edge of our IKEA sofa was a duo of male, married (to each other) ballroom dancers called the Sugar Dandies. Their sweet dance of love had the audience swaying in the stalls and cheering from the aisles. Tears rolled down my cheeks. Then came the Welsh all-teenage boys choir from the Valleys called Only Boys Aloud (get it?). Their sublime rendition of a traditional Welsh folk song brought the stunned crowd to its feet and sent shivers down my spine. Who says the only thing the so-called illiterate teenagers of Blighty do these days is shag, take drugs and riot?

The soaring triumph was Jonathan, a shy, overweight 17 year man with big hair, clumsy demeanour and self-esteem in the sewer. Charlotte, his pretty singing companion had to virtually drag him on stage. After a slightly shaky start, jaws dropped as hesitant tenor met pretty pop opera voice. The hairs at the back of neck stood up in tribute. Fabulous.

Cue the videos (if you get an error, just click into You Tube)

16 thoughts on “Britain’s Got Loads of Talent

  1. They were all brilliant weren’t they? I think David Walliams is a good choice for the judging panel, and am pleased to see Simon Cowell back. Looking forward to catching-up with tonight’s show.


  2. Thanks Jack, Blighty DOES have talent.
    The teenager with the big hair was sensational.
    Now I need a tissue!


  3. Sugar Dandies were super.Didn’t so much step out of so much as blew the doors off the closet!Pleased to see quite a few folks looking very uncomfortable as they had to face their own prejudices and accept these guys performed very well,very gracefully.
    The choir were wonderful as only Welsh male voice choirs can be.
    The young tenor made me cry(I love opera!).I worry greatly for him as the entertainment industry is hard and cruel and he clearly has no confidence or self esteem and will need a great deal of support in the future.Careful nurturing,a good singing coach and a few years away from the limelight until he believes in himself and this young man will be as big as Pavarotti(no pun intended!).Jonathan is going to be a world super star,trust me.


  4. And we’ve just watched last night’s episode…and they went to Blackpool agan… 😉 Loved the rest of the programme though. There are some fantastically talented people out there.


  5. I never watch TV. This is all alien to me.

    But I’ve watched these clips only because you’ve posted them.
    And I’ve sat and cried buckets through them.
    Now I know why I don’t watch TV. Far too emotionally exhausting!


  6. Thank you for sharing. I don’t watch much television and am not up on the Britan Has Talent (or any other country). I can’t remember enjoying anthing as much as these three presentations. Cried during all of them.

    Thank you for dropping by. I’ll be back here too.


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