Turkey from the Inside

I’ve been scribbling like a lunatic getting the message out about the book. The days when an author just sits back and lets someone else do all the PR and promotion are long gone. Sometimes, though, things just happen without any intervention from me. Pat Yale is an extremely respected British vetpat travel writer living in Cappadocia. You could say she put the pat in expat. Pat wrote A Handbook for Living in Turkey which is the definitive guide for moving to and living in our fosterland. Pat also writes a Turkey travel blog called Turkey from the Inside. Liam stumbled across the page about Yalıkavak. This is the introduction:

On the northwest side of the Bodrum Peninsula, pretty Yalıkavak centres on a harbourful of gülets but also boasts several inviting getaway-from-it-all boutique hotels up on the hillside. It served as the setting for Jack Scott’s 2012 travel memoir Perking the Pansies which dished the dirt on goings-on in the expat community.

Thank you, Pat. I’m chuffed.

10 thoughts on “Turkey from the Inside

  1. Pat is a friend from my years of living in Goreme. There’s nothing she doesn’t know about living in Turkey. It’s great to get a plug for your book from her. She’s a brilliant writer, and she has promised to do a guest post on my blog when she returns from her latest travels.


  2. I finally received my signed copy of The Book and whizzed through it in a couple of days. I really enjoyed it, Jack – you don’t mince your words – or descriptions -do you?? Gave me food for thought about this dear old Turkey where I have lived yes as a vetpat for so long! City life is completely different – I know I could never live anywhere else in Turkey but Istanbul. After reading p 205 where you ask yourself the ‘ultimate question’,I was amazed that you stayed. And did Adalet ever come back? I did think that perhaps Sofia could have got involved there, with her connections etc. What a sad, sad story.
    What an experience you have had but what wonderful material to write about! Great stuff!


    1. Thanks Claudia. I’m really glad you enjoyed it. As you may have gathered, we are going back soon. Not because we’re fed up with Turkey but because we have family issues to deal with. Also, ironically, to make the most of the book I have to be in Britain. Adalet’s story has been heartbreaking. I will be updating things in the follow-up book.


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