Bodrum Reborn

Barring a few meteorological mishaps and last-minute mayhem from Mother Nature, I think spring has sprung. We’re not leaving until the summer, so we intend to make the most of what we have left. We’ve washed down the patio furniture and shampooed the cushions, wiped the windows and showered the courtyard. Patio doors have been flung open to freshen the musk and murder the mould. We were regaled by the call to prayer at full volume and the first row of the season between our Turkish neighbours. It was a corker of a commotion with Beril’s throat at full throttle. Welcome to Bodrum reborn.

I’ve suffered a premature exclamation. Since I wrote this we’ve had that meteorological mishap. An instant cold snap has slapped us about the face like an icy flannel. We lunched with the Belles today at a modest promenade eaterie. Over the pide (Turkish pizza), Jessica gazed up at the uniform blanket of light grey and remarked ‘I think it’ll snow today.’ And lo and behold, it did. It was just a weak little flurry of flakes and was over in a jiffy, but it was a bona fide blizzard. Our first and probably our last.


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14 thoughts on “Bodrum Reborn

  1. Oh dear – it’s so hard to figure out seasons these days. Although it’s basically hot all year round here, it seems to be hotter and drier this year than usual. Not a drop of rain since Christmas, and our yard is burning up. Even the hurricane season is not predictable. So I guess you had to close up your windows and doors again. Never mind. Enjoy the time you have left.


  2. I actually enjoy seeing the odd snow flurry here because it happens so rarely. This year has seen two mornings of seeing snow on the ground. It all seems so surreal among the olive groves and palm trees. Best part is knowing that we will be enjoying months of glorious heat and sunshine, so worth putting up with the odd glitch. Haven’t had the spring cleaning feeling as yet, no doubt the spirit will move me eventually. lol x


  3. It’s freezing again, ordered more coal and stocked the soba up full blast just when I thought is was safe the weather turned. A couple of nights ago we had amazing thunder and lightening and Daisy our dog bashed the bedroom door down and hid under the duvet. The next day everyone’s dog had slept with them, even the one’s who normally keep them in the garden !


    1. The image of Daisy bashing the door down to get some comfort brought a smile to my face. Our dog is the same way. We had a weird thundersnow incident a few weeks ago here in New England – and the usually-reserved-for-summer canine behavior surfaced. Sounds like it has been a wild wintry ride for you all – and here in snow central, we have only just had our first stick-to-the ground snow all season. Thanks for the post, Jack, you make everything interesting. And I hope that Beril and co. are all over it!


      1. I can’t wait to get my Victorias secrets back out. My Marino wool thermals are killing my love life.


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