From Russia with Hate

I’m incensed, really pissed off. The parliament of St Petersburg, Russia’s cultural capital and second largest city, has just passed a law making it a crime to write, speak, discuss or meet about anything ‘gay’ (and I don’t mean happy). Offenders face a fine of up to $16,700.  Is this the action of a sophisticated, civilised, European nation?  I hardly think so. And some people think Muslim nations are backward. I can’t see this nasty little law ever being proposed in Turkey.

Take a look at the clever video below from the people at All Out. I hope it persuades you to lend your support. There is a chance that the Governor of St Petersburg will veto the bill. Please do what you can to convince him that this stupid law damages the international reputation of this great city, a city that I visited when I was 14 years old.

24 thoughts on “From Russia with Hate

  1. I saw this on my friend’s facebook and, like him, was both angry shocked. I actually can’t believe they passed this. Let’s hope it is veto-ed!


  2. I am utterly dismayed by the number of retrograde steps that are rearing their ugly heads at a time when the whole world should be becoming more enlightened. What the hell is going wrong?


  3. Really beautiful video and have signed the petition. But I get so tired of such crap, as you do, Jack. Can´t say more just now, I´m sick of the world.


  4. gee whiz…so the USA isn’t the only place that comes up with weird laws!
    been a long cold winter in St Petersburg Russia, has it? boredom set in, so they came up with a law to shake things up a bit! obviously their parliment doesn’t want tourists in their city…or perhaps they thought gay people don’t travel!!!!!


  5. Russia is not the only nation/government in the world that is taking a step backward. Is this a major cultural issue there? I doubt it. Just politicians flexing their muscles and taking steps forward to authoritarian rule. It’s a disgrace. I will share this.


  6. I have been following the story too Jack. I despair when something like this happens. It leaves me speechless that such a ridiculous backward bigoted step can be taken in the 21st century. And yes you are right I don’t think it would ever happen in Turkey. This country might be a little behind the times in many things, but the people aren’t lunatics.


  7. Hi Jack
    Gay people in the old Eastern Europe are still not considered human. It’s changing very slowly. This of new law course is unbelievable, let us hope that not all the people in St Petersburg are complete nuts. Can you put the direct webaddress for the letter to the governor directly in this post? It’s not easy to find it.



  8. I last visited in 1985 aged 17 and just as Gorbachev’s age of ‘glasnost’ and ‘perestroika’ was beginning to open up Russia to the West, and the city was still called Leningrad. I was a poor schoolboy at the time, though giddy with my abundance of decadent western goodies [Wrigley’s spearmint chewing gum, M&S tights, Thornton’s chocolates!] which we were advised to take as gifts for our guides and the Young Pioneers we were to meet on the trip. I was also quite clearly gay and whilst my goth/glam/homo attire and makeup might have drawn a few odd looks they also caught the eye of a handsome yound tennis coach who spoke not a word of English but was fluent in a more international language, if you catch my drift. Now that I’m a comfortable middle aged man with a few roubles to spare I’ve often considered a return trip to see how much has changed. Looks like these recent changes mean I won’t be visiting for a while, and neither will my wallet. So much for St Petersburg’s aspirations to be Russia’s number 1 tourist destination.


  9. . . first they came for the Jews – and I said nothing.
    . . then they came for the Blacks and Gypsies – and I said nothing.
    . . then they came for the Gays and Lesbians – and I said nothing.
    . . then they came for me – and there was no one there to speak for me!
    Jack, the world is rushing headlong into a new Dark Age; the global economy is crashing and minorities are a useful and easy distractions/scapegoats for all the ills – perceived and real. People in the ‘West’ have been brainwashed into believing that they live in a liberal, democratic and equitable society – it isn’t and never has been. This manufactured ‘society’ cares not a jot about any of us – we are, everyone of us plebs, peons and non-persons, a minority. I, for one, am not unhappy to be associated with my fellow members (upright or not! :-D)


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