Retail Therapy

I’ve started a little shop to add a few coppers to our coffers. It takes me back to the distant days of my misspent youth when I was a store boy on Chelsea’s trendy King’s Road. Days on the tills and nights on the tiles were the best probation for a young gay boy about town. My shop is stocked with a few hand-picked items that you never knew you couldn’t do without. Naturally, my book takes centre stage in the window display. So, if you’re looking for great deals on hotels, flights, books or anything on Amazon then visit Jack’s shop. It costs you nothing and I need the money. No pressure.

9 thoughts on “Retail Therapy

  1. Hahahahaha, great ending! I too worked in a shop down the Kings Road. A shoe shop. I remember the staff morning meetings where everyone would rack their brains for some new and inventive line to sell their wares; my favorite…’Oh they’re very Town & Gown Madam’….Obviously I didn’t stay there long!! Do you remember Blush’s Wine Bar??


  2. Jack love the blog and I bought your book on day one,but is there anything you will not flog!
    Regardless keep up the good work.


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