And the Winners Are…

All medieval Gothic cathedrals look the same to me – all those lofty arches, graceful buttresses, elegant cloisters, grimacing gargoyles and more effigies of martyred saints than I could shake a stick at. Thank you to everyone who entered the spot the Goth competition. Some were stumped and plumped for Chichester, Durham, Oxford and second favourite, Salisbury. All fine buildings, but nil points to you lot. Yes, the next exciting whistle-stop on our pansy trail is the fair city of Norwich, the handsome capital of East Anglia and former home to the quiz of the week with Nicholas Parsons.

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We decided to alter the competition rules a little (we can do that) and pick a couple of winners at random instead of just the one. Liam selected one and I chose the other. Congratulations to Niki Fowler and Paul Hard. A pristine copy of Perking the Pansies will be with you very soon, signed, sealed and delivered. We hope you enjoy it. And if you do, tell your family, your friends, strangers in the street, shout it from the rooftops and maybe add a review to Amazon. As they say at Tesco’s, every little helps.

Off to Norwich we shall plod and that’s where I’ll write the sequel. Emigreys beware. Just when you thought it was safe to dip your toes in the Ege, I’ll be tying up the loose ends of our extraordinary time in old Bodrum Town and moving the story along to its bitter end. I’ll also keep on blogging, reporting on the Motherland and our foster home through my veracious, liberal eyes. The uncensored safety of Blighty will allow me to write more honestly.

Have a look at No Going Back on Going Back for all the competition entries (those not published elsewhere). It’s my most commented on post.

14 thoughts on “And the Winners Are…

  1. Aaah… I think I convinced myself it was Chichester because of all the family memories… Norwich sounds cool, and I know that part of the world has some huge churches, with one suspects some rather small congregations. I wish you all the very, very best and look forward to reading your “Blighty Blogs”! I am sure you will miss Bodrum. We will be in the UK in September but further north… but could give you a buzz and say hello maybe! 🙂 Good luck to you both as you potter home… That’s life, ain’t it. Who knows, it might happen to us one of these days…


  2. Can’t wait to hear tales of my fair city! You’re going to the birthplace of Admiral Horatio Nelson and Eddie Izzard. Now that would make for an interesting dinner party!

    As well as Sale of the Century – we had one other claim to fame… Bernard Matthews and his “bootiful” Norfolk Turkeys. He was my threat in school – my dad used to tell me that if I didn’t pass my exams, I’d be gutting Turkeys for a living! …… I’m not, by the way!


  3. awww……thank you ….i am overwhelmed!!!!!Have not won anything since i won a climbing frame in a colouring competition when i was 6!!!!!! Congrats to Niki too!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  4. ‘. . uncensored safety’. Where did you get that idea? Sure, freedom of expression (up to a point) – just watch that acerbic wit in the easiest place on the planet to litigate for libel. Could we be enjoying the ‘Ballad of Norwich Gaol’ in a few years? ‘I never saw a man who looked with such a wistful eye, Upon that little wedge of stuff that Delia calls a pie.’ Up the Canaries!


  5. Oooo nice Norwich, hubby used to spend time there following the gully cleaning trucks around when he was a Health and Safety Officer and always commented what a nice place it was. And a three day trip on the Norfolk Broads, well thats another story. Good Luck with your move and future back here. x


  6. cant wait to hear your review of the Loft….Norwichs premier nite spot!!!!! haahaha…if its still going that is!!!!!


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