Dancing on Ice

We’ve been watching a lot more British TV these dark and damp evenings. We became a bit bored with Patsy Kensit’s woodentop acting on a continuous loop courtesy of Auntie Beeb’s international offering. This was one reason for dumping Digiturk (that, and buggering off back to Blighty). We recently caught Dancing on Ice, ITV’s trashy and less cool answer to the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. The friends of Dorothy have always loomed large on the entertainment payroll but none so obviously as Louie Spence, the campy Gatling gun judge and leading dancing queen. Louie lispily declared to one of the Z-list contestants attempting to revive their dead-as-a-dodo careers:

“You made a short but perfectly formed homosexual very happy.”

Remember, this is prime-time terrestrial TV with the little-uns watching. While I generally find Louie a bit too much of a stereotype, this short but perfectly formed homosexual loved the fact that nobody battered a moral eyelid. Larry Grayson must be turning in his grave.

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10 thoughts on “Dancing on Ice

  1. Regardless of the fact that you may in some small (and perfectly-formed?) way rejoice in the freedom of speech thus indicated, I can declare that this type of crappy display is one of the million reasons why I don’t watch TV. Ever.


  2. Yes. I liked it that no-one was shocked at that comment…although I have to say he really irritates me at times….too OTT.

    I love .Dancing on Ice almost as much as Strictly, and as someone who could never even stand up on skates, I really am amazed at how well some of these celebs do.


  3. Hi, I spent Sunday afternoon ironing and listening to Alan Hollinghurst being interviewd and questioned on his book ‘ In the line of Beauty’ .
    On Radio 4: TheBook Programme.
    Well worth a listen to while away your time. Think you will find it more interesting to Dancing on Ice.
    The programme that is not the ironing. 🙂


  4. I am not ashamed to say that I love Dancing on Ice and although Louie really annoyed me at first, he is like red wine, once you get used to the dryness and fruitiness he becomes very palatable indeed. The YMCA set on the last show was genuis and as Philip said it’s not like the show was not already camp enough. if we are talking about not batting eyelids, I also like the fact that no-one bats their eyes when the big rugged macho guys get into their lycra and sequins.


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