Strictly Come Dancing

We logged on to the VPN, plugged the laptop in to the widescreen and relaxed with tucker on trays for an unadulterated pleasure night of British TV. We’re making the most of it before the dull hand of the Turkish censor bans our innocent fun. Top of our bill was the class act that is Strictly Come Dancing live on Auntie.  A gay boy needs his fix of spectacle, salsa and sequins on a cool autumn evening. For us, Russell Grant, the frockless fat drag queen, was the astrological star of the show. Mystic Meg never predicted that.

Liam and I were fascinated by Lulu’s fabulous facelift, so much better than the trout pout sported by Felicity Kendall last year (to who, by the way, I used to sell light bulbs to in Habitat circa 1979). You really do get what you pay for.

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7 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing

  1. I absolutely love Strictly. Although as I don’t have a TV I catch up the following day. When I was around 12 years old I was forced to go to ballroom dancing classes. I hated it. I didn’t last long, but I picked up the basics of the quickstep and waltz, and surprisingly on the rare occasion at weddings and the like I’ve managed to get around the floor quite well. How I wish I’d persevered and could dance as well as some of the contestants on Strictly. And I agree…Russell is fantastic.


  2. As the granddaughter of a dance teacher and the force-marched to ballroom lessons daughter of parents who spent romantic Saturday nights dancing to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass in front of their children squealing with delight, I love the scene this posting conjures. Isn’t there a way to get around the censors – perhaps you need to lay a cable to Kos island to keep your Strictly fix alive…


  3. Sunday mornings are watch again for both Strictly and The X Factor. I skim past the contestants I don’t want to watch for my fav’s.

    Love Jason and Russell on Strictly and Johnny and Marcus on The X Factor. Of course then there is Dancing with the Stars to consider and also I have a soft spot for The X Factor in Australia as well…….somewhere in all of that I have to squeeze in some work!! 🙂


  4. Strictly dancing indeed. It’s Dancing with the Stars o’down this way and I have to say the quality of celebs and dancing ability is quite shite, as is the state of their careers no doubt.

    I’m a fan of absolutely trashy reality TV myself a la Real Housewives of XXX, Millionaire Matchmaker, and other equivalent American pap. Lord have mercy is all I can say.


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