Wild About the Oscars

I lost Liam to a night at the Oscars on the CNBCe channel. He watched the entire back-slapping marathon from the glitzy red carpet entrée of fixed Hollywood smiles, borrowed frocks and asinine chatter right through to the tacky banquet of tearful and gushing OTT acceptance speeches. I awoke to find Liam asleep on the sofa wrapped like a babe in swaddling clothes. I went about my morning household chores silently. The washing machine on final spin finally roused him from his slumber.

The King’s Speech’ won Best Picture and Colin Firth who made his name wearing magnificent britches and a stiff upper lip was awarded the gong for Best Actor. We’ll take in the film when it’s released in Turkey. The multiplex at the Oasis Shopping Centre just outside Bodrum is cheap, comfortable and civilised, providing armchairs and a mid-screening fag break for the punters. Unfortunately, the entertainment can be rudely disrupted by a Turk shouting down a mobile.

5 thoughts on “Wild About the Oscars

  1. You guys need to find yourselves a good çakmacı, ASAP! The King’s Speech was AMAZING. I couldn’t stay up and watch the Oscars but this morning did feel like Christmas. I couldn’t wait to see what gifts were waiting for me under the tree.

    BTW, I would never buy bootleg videos back home but I find it to be a necessary evil that keeps me sane and in the cultural loop…


  2. I agree , you need to get a copy of the Kings speech now and watch it.
    It’s fantastic, I really got engrossed in the film, Colin’s Oscar was very much deserved.


  3. Jack – if watching a film in Turkey in the cinema can be rudely disrupted by a Turk shouting down a mobile, then moving to Turkey has brought no advantages for you. I’ve given up going to cinemas in central London as the screening will be disrupted by more than one British person using their mobile…


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