Bodrum Belles

We’ve become acquainted with a number of hard-core vetpats following our move to the sweaty city. I call them the Bodrum Belles, single ladies of a certain age, rollercoaster pasts and plucky presents. We have yet to bump into any Bodrum Beaus. Middle-aged male singletons are thin on the ground round here. Most of the belles live quiet and contented lives with a refreshing insight into their lot and a sense of humour. However, we did have the misfortune of wasting some time with a pompous middle England misery, a highly educated woman of depressing stupidity. She waxed imperiously about the educational shortcomings of British youth. As this dumb belle was born with a silver spoon up her arse I wondered what she could possible know about the state school system beyond what she’d read in the tainted pages of the Daily Mail.

6 thoughts on “Bodrum Belles

  1. Ah, but many of those sporting orifice cutlery were born into a small and familiar gene pool and therefore their opinions don’t count on the grounds that their IQ is down the pan despite their extensive education.
    That’s my humble if common opinion, anyway.


  2. Rollercoaster pasts and plucky presents – ooooo I love that. And so we freewheel into the future, painted tresses flying, a bespectacled eye on the horizon and extra padding for the bicycle seat. Onward and upward Bodrum Belles!


  3. Orifice cutlery, hysterical, love it! And the article´s pithy and very smart, just the way I like them. Howandsoeverish, I´m not sure what a vetpat is. A veteran expat? A person with a penchant for patting vets on the head? An ex-Vietman combatant who almost drowned in a patty field? I´m sure it´s a combination of all of the above!


    1. You’re quite right to scold me. As you worked out vetpat is a veteran expat. I forgot to add the link the Ex-pat Glossary that describes such things. Now corrected!


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