Delivered from Delirium

Abandoned Bed

After weeks of sleep deprivation, we’ve finally solved our debilitating predicament with the installation of a wall mounted air conditioning unit in the ground floor spare room where the walls are of standard girth. We’ve abandoned our marital bed with its superior sprung mattress for the rest of the summer. No matter, the gentle cooling hum has delivered us from delirium.

Thank you for all the words of sympathy and suggestions about how to solve our pesky problem. It helps when people can feel our pain.

9 thoughts on “Delivered from Delirium

  1. Was just checking email before bed and saw the post title — either the heat wave had cracked, someone had died or a cooling device had been procured that worked. Glad to hear it was the last. Just think, you’ve got the excitement of periodically changing boudoirs — when you catch up on your sleep, that is!


  2. Looking at the abandoned bed, I would definitely be tempted to book in for a few nights if ye ever thought of entering “the Bijou accommodation” market!! ( I hope I’ve spelt that french is a bit rusty!!)


  3. We lived in Turkey for some years and the heat was dealt with by air conditioning units,it was the frogs breeding season that I dreaded! One randy frog is so noisy that it can keep the whole neighbourhood awake for hours with his serenading.


  4. Clean sheets always makes for a better photo. I don’t see hospital corners, so it must be Jack that made the bed, I’d say.


  5. My next suggestion was going to be to decamp to the roof like so many of our neighbours do. So, glad to hear you can at last sleep easy in a dignified manner.


    1. We can’t get on the roof, unfortunately so I’m pleased to announce that our cycle of nightly sweats is no more. Daytime delirium continues unabated.


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