Britain’s Got Talent

I’d like to introduce you to my namesake nephew, Jack. He’s fourteen and bursting with the energy and confidence that I never had at his age. If your ears can stand it watch his plucky performance in front of his peers at a school assembly. He’s got the look and the moves though sadly not the voice. He learns, he thinks and writes poetry. He’s good with a football and with a pen. He enjoys life and loves his family. He’s a young man of rounded ability. Let’s give it up for the much maligned state school system.

12 thoughts on “Britain’s Got Talent

  1. Agree with all you say – alas half way through I had to “mute” (sorry) LOL but on confidence alone he’s going a long way – he’s going to be at the “front” of something, audiences, crowds – a camera!!!! AND he’s only fourteen you say – I had teachers that looked like him. Well done Jack (2)


    1. Mute’s good. I did the same, But as you say, he’s got a great future in front of him. Not all of our yoof are monosyllabic morons who can’t read or write.


  2. Good looking kid 🙂 Doubt the voice will hamper him in anyway unless he wants to be a singer? Even so, they can work miracles in a studio! – It is essential you have the sound on so you can hear the flirty giggles from the girlys in the audience. They really don’t care about the voice at all 😉 x


  3. O dear, i hope young Jack doesnt read all these comments poor boy.

    I did have the sound on all the way through, but as many have said maybe song writing is where his future lay and not singing. But well done that boy i couldnt have got up there at 14 and done that.


  4. He actually got the audience singing along! A true performer. The girls absolutely loved him – I can hear them laughing and screaming. Even the school teacher off to the side is smiling and enjoying the show.
    But he absolutely lost the audience when he destroyed Robbie William’s song at the end there – the audience were silent.


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