Jack the Pill Popper

I developed a minor gum infection around a wisdom tooth. Serves me right I suppose. When I had my teeth capped to produce my stunning Hollywood smile, I didn’t bother with the rear pearly greys – I figured nobody could see them without a dental mirror. I’m like a Georgian house. A fabulous stucco façade disguises a jerry-built wreck.

To avoid the cost of a trip to the dentist (which admittedly isn’t that expensive), I picked up some over-the-counter antibiotics at a local pharmacy. Turkish eczaneler have much more freedom to dispense hard drugs than is the case in Blighty. It worked a treat and the infection is no more. I now know where to go if I ever require open heart surgery.

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3 thoughts on “Jack the Pill Popper

  1. Oh Lord. My mouth has been a disaster area ever since I got rid of my baby teeth… I must have had a thousand fillings, several root canals, etc etc all to no avail in the end. All I want now is to be able to smile and not frighten the life out of the person I’m smiling at. But isn’t it strange how some countries seem very lax about dispensing really strong drugs? Not so here. Our local pharmacist is very severe and will NOT bend the rules…


  2. Jack I’ve had many dentists since we moved to Turkey, because of the different areas we’ve lived in. Most very good and inexpensive. I had been having a problem with a back tooth for a couple of years, and because I was over in Bodrum a fair bit this year decided to try to find a dentist there. Having been used to paying normal Turkish prices, I was shocked at the prices at the many clinics that have sprung up in recent years. A Turkish friend recommended a dentist in Konacık. He doesn’t have a fancy clinic or charge exorbitent prices in Euros…but he’s bloody good. Email me if you’d like his details.


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