Hollywood Smile

Cabbage Patch Horror

Not to be outdone in the cosmetic surgery stakes, I decided to purchase a brand new set of Turkish gnashers courtesy of a delicious dentist in Yalıkavak with broad shoulders and all the right equipment. He ground my teeth down to resemble Chucky leaving the treatment room door ajar to let squeamish, dental-phobic Liam witness the bloody transformation in horror. He felt my pain more than I did. For a third of the Blighty price my tired old fag stained molars that were being slowly dissolved by alcohol were replaced by a fine selection of Omo-white crowns. I now dazzle with a Hollywood smile like a guinea pig from Ten Years Younger and Liam can see me coming in the dark. I asked my dentist how long my new teeth will last. ‘Longer than you,’ he wryly replied.

4 thoughts on “Hollywood Smile

  1. I need to have some serious dentistry done and like Liam I am dental phobic. I’d be very interested in hearing more of your experience of dentistry in Turkey before I decide whether to have this done in the UK or after we move to Turkey in the late summer.


    1. I had a bridge fitted in Bodrum in 1990 – it’s still going strong. The two crowns I have had in the UK since 2001 have both had to be replaced and one of the replaced one fell out last week. I will be waiting until I get back to Bodrum this summer to have it re-done.


  2. Made me smile ,I have visions of Ross ,in the Friends TV series glowing in the dark !
    I have just been held by the hand by Karyn ( being Koy,blog ) for some emergency treatment on Friday 13th . Honestly I didnt feel a thing and I am ashamed to admit it, but honestly impressed , that between consultation and treatment I had a coffee and a couple of cigarettes .Thats my kind of dentist.


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