Little Liam, Rest in Peace

Little Liam RIP

For 40 years Liam had suffered from a benign but unsightly growth on the back of his scalp, big enough to develop independent intelligence. I affectionately called it Little Liam and had grown quite fond of it. As the years rolled by his hair thinned and Little Liam became more and more prominent, looking like a diminutive Ayers Rock rising above the bush. Big Liam sought the advice of a local doctor who recommended euthanasia, assaulting Little Liam with a scalpel. It was a bit of a tussle as the roots were much deeper than anticipated. What emerged from the butchery resembled a miniature jelly fish. Big Liam returned from the wars bloodied and stitched. All that remains is a scar in the shape of a neat and perfectly formed crucifix (and not the 666 I was expecting). Big Liam is certain that it’s a divine sign. The Virgin Mary has done it again and the Pope has popped his certificate of beatification in the post. Amen.

8 thoughts on “Little Liam, Rest in Peace

  1. Are you both sure it’s not an X marks the spot pirate style treasure map? Get Liam to lean his head to one side so it becomes and X then spend hours comparing his phrenology bumps to pages of an atlas. Then repeat the exercise leaning the other way! Of course when I say spend hours I mean have a nap or something. Then declare that it looks less like a crucifix or map and more like written music. That’ll get him! En Saga reprise will do. Take care both, A


    1. Thanks everyone, I’m healing up nicely. The combination of holy water and Jack’s healing hands seems to be doing the trick. We’ll try the phrenology later. After little Liam’s memorial service. Big Liam.


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