Yalikavak Sex

Video Nasty

I completely lost Liam to an afternoon musical matinee, the delightful feel good little number called Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street – a video nasty with nice tunes. Not my cup of çay at all. While he was gripped by the melodious gore, I spent my barren time studying my blog stats. Perking the Pansies has finally penetrated the Dark Continent and I seem to have acquired an avid fan in Costa Rica. Twinkle, twinkle little red star, how I wonder who you are.

I was mystified by someone out there searching for Yalikavak Sex which inexplicably returned my saintly, strictly sexless site. Copulation in vacant Yalıkavak in a chilly, wet February? That would be a triumph of hope over experience. Like the deserted village, I won’t be putting my stall out again until April.

Irresistable Bubble Gum

We spent the evening watching the first series of Glee. As a strange hybrid of Fame and High School Musical with a wafer thin bubble gum plot and hammy acting, I was determined to loathe it. I sat through the lot. Liam was utterly bewitched by a magnificent rendition of Funny Girl by Idina Menzel. ‘So much better than batty Barbra’s original,’ he gushed. We really need to get out more.

5 thoughts on “Yalikavak Sex

  1. I think I get that same hit from costa rica and I think it is a very nice lady chef who spent some time in Turkey a few years ago.

    My two search terms with the biggest number of hits – aer lingus to turkey and Italian grape cake. And you think you need to get out more! xxxx


  2. Sometimes – in small doses – TV is nice. You get to appreciate the talent that went into it but manage not to absorb the world view behind it. If you stay too long, you despise the idiocy that dreamt it up and find anything not following the formula “backward”.


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