London Calling

The weather in Blighty has been challenging to say the least. Bright warmish sunshine has been rudely interrupted by frequent squally showers. In between the inclemency we enjoyed an all too brief sunny interlude that provided an opportunity for a congenial picnic along the side of the Mall in St James’ Park. It’s an annual indulgence and we were joined by a choice selection of our London life friends. The royal parks are the lungs of London and St James’ is arguably the prettiest. The imperial pile of Buckingham Palace was our al fresco backdrop. The Royal Standard wasn’t flying so Betty was out. We feasted on deliciously calorific M&S fare, washed down with Pinot Grigio Blush. Clive and his civil partner, Angus, presented us with an unexpected gift, a DVD of the second series of Glee. Liam’s eyes lit up like a bush baby on acid. He’d devoured the first series in two sittings and hungered for more. The riots seem a long time ago. Broken Britain? Not from where I’m sitting.

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4 thoughts on “London Calling

  1. Now you’ve gone and done it – not much makes me yearn for blighty but your description of M&S’s finest and a bottle of Blush in St Jim’s Park has got me all nostalgic. Too many years ago to remember with much clarity, I worked at Buckingham Gate and the first glimpse of the sun had me and the office girlies tucking into sarnies and stripping off to what was within an inch of acceptable decency in front of Buck House. Somtimes if time was short we’d just park ourselves on the grassed rounda-about instead for that hour of rare sunshine, dry heat and the diesel fumes from the cabs. Aw memories – glad you enjoyed the experience – I hope you fed the ducks BTW


  2. One of my favourite places to eat a sandwich, along with the luxembourg gardens in paris and East Princes Street Gardens (beside the fountains) Edinburgh. Great descriptions….


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