News of the World, RIP

I hear the hacking hacks at the News of the World, that famously progressive liberal rag, got caught red handed indulging in a little illegal phone tapping (as opposed to legal phone tapping which is commonplace in Turkey, only requiring consent from the local Jandarma chief). That’s the red tops for you, anything for a salacious scoop. The News of the World isn’t the only newspaper that panders to the base and reactionary instincts of the ignorati by any means. Now that it’s published its last issue the slack will be taken up by another soon enough. To think the British Government is about to hand over full control of BSB (the British satellite broadcaster) to News International, the News of the World’s parent company.

I must confess to one tiny regret about the demise of this 170 year old Sunday institution. If it hadn’t been for their relentless and vicious campaign to expose the twilight world of the perverted homosexual in the late 1970s I never would have known where to go for my jollies. I haven’t looked back since. So thank you, News of the Screws. I owe you one.

11 thoughts on “News of the World, RIP

  1. I will not pretend to mourn the loss of NoTW, in fact for years I have been deeply ashamed that this shitty rag should be the most popular English language “newspaper” in the world. Their actions have been deplorable, and as we now see at times criminal, and this is not what we should expect of the British press, or for that matter any other.
    But I have decent, honest and gentle friends who work for News International, and I fear for their futures in the impending bonfire of Murdoch’s vanities.
    Rebecca Booth should be facing not just the sack, but the criminal proceedings which must surely come. Let’s not throw ever more innocent victims to the wolves whilst the real villains continue to fill their fetid faces from the foul trough they have created with their own filth.


  2. Ah the News of the World in the 1970’s, covering all those swinging parties that were happening behind every surburban front door, exposing all those damp fields with a coven of witches prancing around half heartedly trying to raise the devil, suggesting a secret cabal of homosexuals were trying to take over the world. It was all so exciting when you got to read it at a friend’s house because it was banned in your own.

    Have to say though the salacious stuff was never detailed enough for a curious young teen, a veil was drawn over the finer points of filth, so it’s a wonder you didn’t “make your excuses and leave” at vital times during your journey to being the man you are now!


  3. I have been thinking for years that Murdoch reminded me of the Bond movie .Loved watching Hugh Grant on BBC Question Time this week and his final speech before the end of programme ,always liked him but he has definately gone up in my estimation


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