Get Thee to a Nunnery

Our neighbours have acquired a fluffy little kitten. She’s very cute in a kittenish kind of way. She’s a little ball of virgin snow white fur with big blue eyes. I’m not an expert on cats but I’m guessing this is a rare look. They’ve called her Bianca. Alas, I fear poor Tabitha the Tart’s days are numbered and she’ll be forced to seek board and lodgings in someone else’s garden. Given her promiscuous behaviour I’d recommend a cat convent where she can repent her sins and meow for forgiveness.

21 thoughts on “Get Thee to a Nunnery

  1. Agree, agree. Guilt is the most useless of human or feline emotions.

    Aha! I´m here on false pretences since I just wanted to say I love this hugely decorative and professional site and will hereby theretofore upgrade mine to at least a tenth of yours.

    Lots to explore, see you later! Mo xxx


      1. Those sweet pansies on the header are just adorable. Must tell a friend who loves Turkey about your fab site.


  2. White, blue eyes, in Turkey. Van cat maybe? If so it can swim and will probably hack into your wifi too! LAke Van cats only ones on earth that catch their own fish, suspect will one day rule the planet. Keep your eyes on it guys!


  3. Van’s are lovely, great personalities, barely slutty at all. Legend has it that if Ataturk is ever reincarnated it will be as a Van cat, so if kitty gets political it could be a sign. xxxx


  4. Debbie’s right, cats don’t do guilt. Little Bianca reminds me of a children’s animated movie from years ago (the name escapes me at the moment, sadly par for the course) in which Bianca’s voice was done by Eva Gabor. Need I say more? Poor Tabitha indeed.


  5. Knowing our Turkish “neighbours” this poor thing has been bought for decorative purposes and once grown will be left to roam the streets and produce litter after litter. The “owners” hoping that pure white kittens will be available to sell! Clever as Van cats are, these Bodrum Biancas are not from Van but rather the back of a van. They are home cats and not well adapted to street life. They get sunburnt ears which become cancerous unless they have cream applied daily in the summer. In my opinion, she should be taken in by a caring couple who live nearby and treated as only a lap cat can be treated! (hint Jack!)


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