Pussy Galore

Continuing the pussy theme from yesterday, Liam came across this splendid little video montage of Mrs Slocombe from Are You Being Served, played by the marvelous Mollie Sugden, a jobbing comedy actress who sadly died in 2009 after a long illness. Many people will remember that Mrs Slocombe was always having a bit of bother with her pussy. Obvious, lewd and unsophisticated? Certainly. Funny? Absolutely. A bit like me. Sit back and enjoy.

Pussy on Patrol

Our neighbours have rowed little of late. There was a time when we were regularly disturbed by bubbly Beril screaming like a banshee. Beril has an excellent set of pipes which she can use to volcanic effect. I think the acquisition of Bianca the snow white cat a few months ago has calmed the spirits and silenced the guns. Bianca is an inquisitive creature. She’s now firmly in charge of our shared garden and tolerates no incursions by rivals. I often see her patrolling the low garden wall looking inquisitively out on the world beyond. I hope she doesn’t get too bold otherwise she may get set upon by the mean felines that strut their stuff by the communal bins or end up as road kill along the busy thoroughfare where the speed junkies race.

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Get Thee to a Nunnery

Our neighbours have acquired a fluffy little kitten. She’s very cute in a kittenish kind of way. She’s a little ball of virgin snow white fur with big blue eyes. I’m not an expert on cats but I’m guessing this is a rare look. They’ve called her Bianca. Alas, I fear poor Tabitha the Tart’s days are numbered and she’ll be forced to seek board and lodgings in someone else’s garden. Given her promiscuous behaviour I’d recommend a cat convent where she can repent her sins and meow for forgiveness.

Marina the Shitting Kitten

We have semi-adopted a feral kitten. We have called her ‘Marina’ and are keeping her fed and watered. As a reward for our benevolence she defecated all over the balcony, including in Liam’s flip flops.