Jack the Hack

Now that Rupert Murdoch and his progeny have hit the skids (and not before time), I’ve decided to become the next big thing in the newspaper business. I now publish my very own daily online newspaper called Jack the Hack. Now, before you start thinking that I’m turning in to a megalomaniac media mogul, spending all day at the keyboard and denying Liam his conjugal rights, I don’t actually do a thing. I found a snappy little app called paper.li that automatically garners articles from Twitter by combining my tweets with lists I follow and keywords I’ve specified. Ok, I know it’s all a bit random but it’s fun and it’s so easy. I don’t intend to go the way of Maxwell, Black, Murdoch and co, but I do see a gap in the market now the News of the Screws has kicked the bucket.

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Jack the Hack

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10 thoughts on “Jack the Hack

  1. You Hack? I’d better invite you to join ‘Anonymous’ motto: ‘We never forgive, we never forget – We are Anonymous and we are legion!’ Welcome to the underworld . .


  2. Yeah yeah yeah. Some of us can only manage a blog post a month, while you can only be described as prolific.
    (Why did I have to fight my fingers then as they tried to type ‘profligate’?)


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