Steve Jobs, RIP

Apple technology is not the best or always the most innovative but it is undeniably iconic with real feel appeal. Steve Jones was a genius but also a philosopher. ‘Nobody wants to die,’ he said. ‘Even those who want to go to Heaven, don’t want to die to get there.’ He knew better than most that death is the final destination for all of us. ‘Never settle,’ he said. That’s why Liam and I are in Turkey.

7 thoughts on “Steve Jobs, RIP

  1. Feel sorry he died so young he went through a fairly rough time and then came back into the company to make it a great success. My first computer was an apple I wish I could have afforded to keep buying them. I believe by all accounts he was a hard task master to work for but then success like that will never come cheap. Following through on your ideas to such an extent as he did proved the right move and his presentations where iconic.


  2. I knew who he was but didn’t realise he was such an iconic figure (I’m not into tech). It was only when I saw all the posts on Google+ yesterday that I realised what an inspiration he was to so many. It seems he was man of so many wise words.


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