Words and Music

We took the dolly to Yalıkavak to lunch with friends. The once dormant village has awoken like Sleeping Beauty from hibernation and is draped in a new spring livery. The beach has been replenished with imported grit and dressed in sun beds and parasols. The tea houses along the attractive high street have been displaced by seasonal souvenir shops and postcard vendors returning from their winter pastures. Village life is in jovial mood and much improved with a new collection of smarter establishments that will give the greasy spoons a run for their money.

In some ways it’s a shame our perfidious landlord prompted us to move on. Yalıkavak is deservedly popular with visitors with a charm that eludes many of the resorts hereabouts. The trouble is winters are grim and the village is too small for city boys like us. We will return from time to time when we crave a little respite from the hassle and bustle of Bodrum.

To its credit wintering in a ghost town has given me the time and space to start Perking the Pansies. Until we moved to Turkey my writing was confined to dull business plans, strategic reports and the like that would gather dust on a lonely shelf, unread and soon forgotten. Now I blog daily, have a book in the offing and have developed previously unknown skills in web design. Also, Liam has started to write music for the first time in years. So thank you little Yalıkavak. We owe you one.

5 thoughts on “Words and Music

  1. I’m pleasantly envious! I find it difficult to find time to write creatively, or whip my watercolour paints out. What’s needed is time, and the right frame of mind. Unfortunately, I’m in the phase of writing the dull business plans and strategic reports — but also trying to squeeze some creativity out. I applaud anyone who’s set their mind on creating… and followed through. Glad you’ve still got a soft spot for Yalikavak!


  2. Great to hear the appeal of Yalikavak I saw it for the 1st time 3 years ago and was surprised by its natural beauty jutting out into the deep blue sea. My reason for being there was to sell some Villas newly built & I could see how it was going to expand yet more than it already had done so. Good luck with your creativity I ever so often paint and have just got the incentive to start again. Hope I can follow through all that’s planed in my head, too often I fall short or get distracted by everyday needs. I believe we all need to focus more on what really matters to us and yes follow it through.


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