Premature eJackulation

It looks like we’ll soon be following our ex-neighbour Clement. Our smiley landlord called by unannounced dragging a Turkish family of three generations behind him. Liam was taking his morning ablutions and I was taking tea. The family were prospective buyers, and smiley Landlord wanted me to show them around the house. I refused. It was embarrassing and rather unpleasant. If he wants to sell the house from under us that is his prerogative. He will have to give us fair notice and we have no intention of acting as his unofficial, unpaid agents. That wiped the silly smile of his face.

There are plenty of little white boxes around to rent and we shall move. There’s an excellent chance that our landlord won’t be able to sell the house and it’ll remain empty indefinitely like most of the others. Myopic old goat.

7 thoughts on “Premature eJackulation

  1. How rude! I won’t show the house when I have guests, that’s really rude and unfair and it really annoys people. My UK tenants moved to my house because their landlord did exactly the same to them so it’s not just a Turkish thing, it’s an ignorance thing. When are you two coming to see me again???? K xxx


      1. Beloved daughter is visited between 2nd and 10th May and demands total attention so anytime avoiding those dates is fine with us. K xxx


  2. If you do move maybe you should rent somewhere designed for all year living. That way you won’t freeze next winter.


  3. Sorry to hear this Jack, it happens all the time here. Apparently a tenancy Agreement means absolutely nothing, as do most Turkish Contracts.
    There are some good landlords, usually they own purpose built apartment blocks, designed for long term tenants. Unfortunately the fate of those who choose to rent “pretty little Bodrum houses” lies in the hands of greedy landlords who will sell at the drop of a promise of a quick sale! Good Luck with your house hunting, hope you find something soon.


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