Bohemian Bodrum

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I’m afraid overwintering in a minor Aegean resort can be a salutary lesson in benign boredom. My partner Liam and I have tired of the nosey over-familiarity of village life. We dodge past expat dives to avoid the sycophantic waiters and predictable punters who sulk if we don’t indulge them. We’ve drawn the conclusion that we crave anonymity and a little more buzz. We are London boys with our London ways after all. Prompted by our perfidious landlord we’ve decided to abandon our oversized house half way up a mini mountain with its matchless views and winter desolation. We shall seek solace and pleasure in bustling Bohemian Bodrum where alternative Turks go to escape from the crushing conformity of everyday life. The beauty of renting is we can up sticks when the mood takes us so we’re sodding off to Sodom. It’s güle güle to silence broken only by the call of crickets and spectacular sunsets and merhaba to 24 hour traffic, exorbitant lattes, barking dogs in surround sound and people, lots of them. I’ve purchased a pair of ear plugs.

One thought on “Bohemian Bodrum

  1. Well done escaping the expat “the little piece of england in Turkey” known as Yalikavak. We lived there for 2 years and finally moved away to get away from the constant rounds of bar b q’s, come dine with me, whinging about the turks and discussing house prices. In the end we had to divert our walks in Yalikavak to avoid resturant owners and expats who wanted to be our friends. The final straw was when a local resturanteur can to our house to ask us to book dinner at the next ex pat event . A not so luckycat. We move to a Turkish village about 50km from Bodrum called Cokertme. It has its challenges but it is not trying to be something its not. We rent. Cash is king. I dare you to cross ref the names you have given to your victims. I have identified Chuck and his partner but thats it Anyway enjoy Bodrum


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