New Year’s Day took us to the movies to see The Favourite, a saga of love, rivalry and power, based loosely on the intimate relationship between a sickly and brattish Queen Anne (the last of the Stuarts) and a scheming Svengali-like Lady Sarah Churchill. We anticipated a restoration-style bawdy romp as promised by the trailers and pre-publicity. Instead we got a suffocating tale of court intrigue that plodded on for an age. Bawdy it was, with ripe language, racy dialogue and a few scenes which left little to the imagination. But, on the whole, the film was more darkly disturbing than black comedy, accompanied by a clanging score sounding like a death knell. Despite some great lines, superb acting (Norwich’s very own Olivia Coleman as the volatile queen definitely deserves a handful of gongs), palatial sets, evocative period detail, lavish costumes and gravity-defying wigs, the experience left us punch-drunk. We needed a drink afterwards.

4 thoughts on “The Favourite

  1. Too bad it wasn’t what you’d hoped. I hadn’t even heard of it!then again, I live “nowhere” with the closest theater in the big town 30 miles away. I hear little and miss much.


    1. Can’t like ’em all, can you? The film’s attracted a bagful of Oscars – best picture, leading actress, supporting actress and loads more – so has its fans!


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