When the big skies of Norfolk are low and dreary, the only remedy for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is an emergency injection of sunshine. Happily, we don’t actually suffer from SAD but hey, any excuse for a holiday. And we thought we’d better get a trip under our belts before a hard Brexit brings the sky falling in. So we’re off to Gran Canaria for a bit of fun in the sun. To call Gran Canaria, with its cheap thrills and even cheaper men, a bit of a gay cliché is an understatement. And the icing on the cake is our stay at a men-only bungalow complex, one that tends to attract the slightly older gentleman. We’re expecting saggy arses, ravaged faces, walkers and a defibrillator on standby behind the bar. Liam intends to amuse himself by counting the liver spots round the pool. We should fit right in. Now that’s what I call sad.

4 thoughts on “SAD Season

  1. Hi

    We have just booked Gran Canaria for a week from 11March. Also need some sunshine lol.



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  2. What a trip! Not sad at all. You’ll be loving those liver spots.
    I’m desperate for sun also. It is always sunny here. But this winter? Lots of overcast. No real rain since December, but overcast.
    I’m a sun addict and do have a dose of SAD, so having winter, which is bad enough, topped off by overcast is making me a bit crazy.


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