While we’re away in the Canaries sharing cheap Spanish plonk with the rest of the antique gays, here are a few images of Christmas just past to be going on with. As if you’re not over it already!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Past

  1. So glad to see you are doing well. 🙂
    The pics are wonderful! Ah…I envy the traveling over holiday. I spent Christmas tucked away with me and mine on my Iowa acreage. Kudo’s to getting out and about. Lol!
    I’m going to try and find time to read over some of your past posts so I can play catch-up, Babe.
    Much love and kisses from me to you. -Pissy-


      1. Ah, Jack, you missed me, didn’t ya, babe? LOL!
        That just warms my furry little heart.
        Oh, how I’ve missed all of you. Miss Pissy was tickled pink to find you still on here. Where the heck has everyone else gone to? I was reading some of my old posts and the conversations we all had in comments. Pissy is sad. Most everyone I once loved and cherished are now gone. Gone to the no-more-blogging zone. tsk…tsk.. But you’re still here and I’m excited as hell that you are rockin it! Good for you, hon. Make the most of the life you’ve got. 🙂


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